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Great Taste Awards 2011 

In 2011 we retained our All-Ireland Black Pudding Title and won 8 Gold Medals at the Great Taste Awards for the following products:

- Traditional Pork Sausages
- Home Made White Pudding
- Home Made Black Pudding
- Cranberry Black Pudding
- BBQ Pork Sizzler
- Gluten Free Sausages
- Chilli Sausages
- Lamb Sausages with Moroccan Couscous, Blue Cheese and Rosemary

We have been shortlisted in the Top 6 for Retailer of the Year as awarded by Retail Excellence Ireland!

Craft Butcher Awards 2011 

NOLANS OF KILCULLEN WON 8 GOLD MEDALS from 8 products entered in the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland Leinster GREAT TASTE AWARDS at the end of August in Portlaoise.

This is the 3rd consecutive year that every product entered has won a GOLD MEDAL which is a phenomenal achievement. It's a great compliment to ANDY & JAMES NOLAN for their recipes & to FRED MITCHELL for all the long hours & hard work that goes into making the well known Sausages & Puddings that NOLAN'S are famous for.

Celebrity Chef Neven Maguire on Resting Beef 

Award Winning Celebrity Chef Neven Maguire recently gave a cookery talk to Nolans of Kilcullen. One of his very useful Tips was to ensure that a Roast is left to rest after cooking and prior to carving. This ensures maximum flavour.