The Animals & Meat

Often one hears that a butcher specializes in a particular breed “ Aberdeen Angus” for example or “ Charolais”. In Nolans the breed is important but more so we look at each individual heifer carefully before hand selecting that which we believe will give the best flavour possible. The breeds however from which we choose include Aberdeen Angus, Charolais, Limousines, Belgian Blues, Black White Heads and Herefords.

We do have one rule and please do not feel we are discriminatory - “ Heifers only”. Why? Generally Heifers have a little more fat than other cattle and as Andy would often be quoted “ Fat means flavour”. Fat helps to flavour the meat and plays a very important role in developing excellent beef flavour.

Our heifers are selected from our farm and local farms mostly around the Kildare region. However we source store heifers from the West of Ireland as they simply thrive once they reach the grasslands of Kildare.