Kilcullen is a picturesque village located on the river Liffey. Kilcullen keeps traditional crafts alive with family run businesses located back to the 19th century still operating strongly.

Nolans of Kilcullen est. 1886

Berneys Sadlery
In 1880 Peter Berney, founded his small saddlery workshop at the heart of Irelands' equestrian epicentre in Kilcullen, Co. Kildare. This master craftsman could have hardly dreamt his small shop would span the centuries, to become one of the Worlds most respected producers of quality tack.

Bernard Berney Pharmacy
Renowned not only for his excellent pharmaceutical advice but also his acting prowess, the late Bernard Berney entertained audiences from far and wide in the popular Kilcullen Drama Group productions. His son John Berney and Partner Pharmacist John Coleman continue to provide exceptional service for the local community.

Peacockes Shoe Makers
In 2008 the Peacocke sign on Kilcullen's Main Street represented 50 years of Hugh's shoe repair business. Between Hugh himself and his son Ger they have over 100 years of making and repairing shoes. Famous not just in Kilcullen, but across the country. Peacocke’s customers included the late Charles Haughey, then Taoiseach; and a bunch of aristocrats who included the Lords Waterford, Hemphill, and Killanin.

Wining and Dining
In addition Kilcullen has Award Winning Fallons Restaurant and the quaint “An Tearmann” operated by the Camphill community

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